Family News January 3, 2010

  Our Worship

As the Deer
Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord of Hosts
Praise the Name of Jesus
We Will Glorify
How Majestic Is Your Name
Come, Share the Lord
Communion Thought
Lord’s Supper
Family News
Offering Prayer
Bind Us Together
Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:25-32
A Common Love
Message: PRAISE HIS NAMES: Wonderful,
Counselor, Prince of Peace
Open Our Eyes
Shepherd Comments
Be Exalted, O God

Family News...

  • Annual Corporate Meeting TODAY... Please plan on staying for just five or ten minutes immediately after services to take part in this formal meeting. It is one of the legal requirements we must meet each year to maintain our non-profit status. Thanks!

  • Involvement Ministry Meeting... Those who have signed up to serve in the Involvement Ministry will have a meeting at 7pm this Tuesday, January 5, at the home of Jim and Alyson Klein. For more information, contact Alyson at (405)401-6596.

  • Men’s Breakfast... Men are invited to meet for breakfast and fellowship every Friday morning at 5:30am at the Rockin’ Robin Café on Government Way. Join us this Friday! For more details, contact Mike Wood: 661-2776.

  • 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off... Mark your calendars and start perfecting your special recipe! The DG Church annual chili cook-off will be Sunday, January 24, immediately after services.

  • Life101 LIFEgroup... will be singing at the Fairwinds Retirement Community the 2nd Sunday of every month from 3:45-4:15pm. The next visit will be on January 10th. Anyone is welcome to join! Call Marci Nelson for details: 665-2306.

  • Sr. High Boys’ Retreat... is coming up on January 29-31 at Camp Prince’s Pine. More details to be announced. Call Scott Rouse with questions: 623-4203.

  • Teens Mid-Winter Retreat... is scheduled for February 19-21. Mark your calendars!

Prayer Requests...

  • Ivan & Sally Archer: Please pray for Sally, who is having surgery on her back January 21st.

  • Alan Frisk: Please pray for our aunt. She has leukemia.

  • Jeff Almond: Thanks to God for all of His blessings. Please continue to pray for my grandparents, as they are still having health issues.

  • Claudia Moberg: Please pray for Kathy Smith. She may have to have knee surgery; we’ll find out Tuesday. Thank you!

  • Ron & Marjorie Dupey: Pray for Sally Archer’s back operation to be safe and successful.

  • Brenda Tupper: Please pray that my two sisters will have a safe flight on Tuesday. They are coming to visit.

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today. Please know our communion is open to all Christians. We have a staffed nursery for children under age 2. Children’s Bible Drill is for all kids under the age of 8. Children’s worship is open to kids age 3 thru 3rd grade and they will be dismiss just before the sermon. Thanks for coming... and come back soon!  

“We honor Christ , love one another, and live by God’s word.”
Our Shepherds...       LIFE Groups...
  David Bruner   667.2943   Ralph Crump / Paul Welter
  Dan Dupey   664.7008      Thurs 7pm - PF - 773.9651 
  Larry Grow       Warren Brown
  LaMont "Pete" Petersen   777.4309      Sun 5:30pm - HL - 772.9556
        David Bruner / Jack Cutler (Moving Molecules)
           Sun 1:30pm Cd'A - 640.0547
Our Ministers...       Michael Lewis / Visitation (The Encouragers)
  Michael Lewis, Senior Minister work 772.0541      Sun 4:30pm - Cd'A - 664.3000 
    michael@dgchurch.org home 664.3000   Marci Nelson / Life 101
  cell 651.6707      Sun 5:30pm - Cd'A - 665.2306
        Lamont Petersen (The Prairie Ramblers)
  Katrina Swaim, Office Ministry  work 772.0541     Sun 5:30pm - PF - 777.4309
    katrina@dgchurch.org  home 964.0125   Larry Grow / Howard Rude (The Believers)
           Sun 5:30pm - DG
Support Staff...       Scott Rouse (The Outback)
  Sandra Welch, Custodian   772.0541      Mon 6:00pm - Athol - 623.4203
        Mike Swaim
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7          Sun 5pm - HL - 640.3247
        Paul Swaim / Young Adults
           Sun 5pm - Cd'A - 964.0126
      Betty Williams / Sew in Love
           Tue 10:30am - DG - 964.0524 

Meeting Times:
Bible Study
  Sunday 9 am
  Wednesday 6:30 pm
  Sunday 10:15 am
LIFE Groups meet weekly
Dalton Gardens
Church of Christ

6439 North 4th Street
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  83815

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