Family News August 22, 2010

  Our Worship

Welcome and Family News
Children’s Bible Drill and Offering
Thank You, Lord
Christ For The World We Sing (v.1,3)
Shout Hallelujah
Scripture Reading: Mark 8:27-38
Nailed To The Cross
My Only Hope Is You
Communion Thought
Lord’s Supper
Bread: Luke 14:26,27
Cup: Hebrews 12:2,3
Shout To The Lord
Give Us Christian Homes (dismiss children)
MESSAGE: “Under an Assumed Name”
Restore My Soul
Special Video: “Dynamic Marriage”
Shepherd’s Comments and Prayer
I Want To Be a Worker (v.1)

Church Family Update...

  • Women of Faith Conference... Come join the fun! This event is for ALL ages and will be at the Spokane Arena on September 17th - 18th. There are 5 tickets still available at $89. Call Karmen Rouse for information at 208-623-4203.

  • Furniture for Sale... Fred and Opal Bonney have furniture for sale. They will be moving and need to get rid of it. There are pictures down on the welcome desk. If you have any questions, you can contact them or Betty Rude.

  • Open Arms Pregnancy Care Center Dessert... This dessert on September 17th will help support the care center. It will be held at the CDA Resort. If you have any questions, let Nancy Callis know as soon as possible at 772-6411.

  • Fun at the Welter’s... If anyone would like to go camping or enjoy a day of relaxation, the Welter’s would love to have you. If you are interested in going please let them know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. Also, they have extra camping gear if you need it. Call Patty with any questions at 773-8673.

  • New Sunday Adult Class Concept... it will be introduced by the elders this morning. Be listening for details and be ready to make a new commitment to our Sunday morning Bible Classes.

Upcoming Youth Ministry Events...

  • September 17-19 : Valley Rally in Spokane Valley, WA

  • October 8-10 : Apple Cider Press in Cashmere, WA

  • October 16 : Christian College Day NW in Tigard, OR

We will be hosting a High School Lock-In for students on Wednesday night, August 25th. Check the sign-up sheet on the youth board for ways to help.

12 Married Couples

Give us 8 weeks and we will give you a
“Dynamic Marriage.”

Details coming Today!

Serving Next Week... 
Opening Prayer: Don Rude
Offering Prayer:  Larry Slate
Communion Thought: Jim Klein
Serving Lord's Supper: Andy Ponder, Gerry Ross, Jeff Almond, Josh Nelson
Ushers: Mike Haas, Paul Welter
Greeters: Ray & Karen Rayburn
Nursery Attendants: Kathy & Thomas Taylor
Children's Worship: Debbie Yanzick

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today. Please know our communion is open to all Christians. We have a staffed nursery for children under age 2 and under. Children’s Bible Drill is for all kids under the age of 8. Children’s worship is open to kids age 3 thru 3rd grade and they will be dismiss just before the sermon. Thanks for coming... and come back!  

“We honor Christ , love one another, and live by God’s word.”
Our Shepherds...       LIFE Groups...
  David Bruner   667.2943   Ralph Crump / Paul Welter
  Dan Dupey   664.7008      Thurs 7pm - PF - 773.9651 
  Larry Grow       Warren Brown
  LaMont "Pete" Petersen   777.4309      Sun 5:30pm - HL - 772.9556
        Jack Cutler (Moving Molecules)
           Sun 1:30pm Cd'A - 666.1637
Our Ministers...       Michael Lewis / Visitation (The Encouragers)
  Michael Lewis, Senior Minister work 772.0541      Sun 4:30pm - Cd'A - 664.3000 
    michael@dgchurch.org home 664.3000   Marci Nelson / Life 101
  cell 651.6707      Sun 5:30pm - Cd'A - 665.2306
        Lamont Petersen (The Prairie Ramblers)
  Jeff Shelton, Youth & Family Minister          Sun 5:30pm - PF - 777.4309
    prayzboy@gmail.com        Larry Grow / Howard Rude (The Believers)
    starts in May 2010           Sun 5:30pm - DG
        Scott Rouse (The Outback)
  Katrina Swaim, Office Ministry  work 772.0541      Mon 6:00pm - Athol - 623.4203
    katrina@dgchurch.org  home 964.0125   Mike Swaim
           Sun 5pm - HL - 640.3247
Support Staff...       Betty Williams / Sew in Love
  Sandra Welch, Custodian   772.0541      Tue 10:30am - DG - 964.0524 
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7        

Meeting Times:
Bible Study
  Sunday 9 am
  Wednesday 6:30 pm
  Sunday 10:15 am
LIFE Groups meet weekly
Dalton Gardens
Church of Christ

6439 North 4th Street
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  83815

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