Family News December 12, 2010

  Our Worship

Welcome and Family News
I’ve Got the Joy
Children’s Offering and Bible Drill
Do to Others (children’s song)
We Will Glorify (during offering)
Let Us Worship
Days of Elijah
Scripture Reading - Psalm 66:1-5
Here I Am to Worship
How Deep the Father’s Love
You Never Let Go (during cup)
Joy to the World (children dismissed)
Message - All I Want For Christmas
The Joy of the Lord
Shepherd Comments and Prayer
This Is How We Overcome

Church Family Update...

  • ELDER SELECTION: Today the final list of men who are candidates for elders of the Dalton Gardens congregation will be announced. Next Sunday, the congregation will choose whether or not to affirm each candidate. Only members present next Sunday will be allowed to participate in the affirmation process. Each candidate must receive 75% affirmation to become an elder for a two year term beginning January 2, 2011.

  • Holiday Baskets & Giving Tree... The Giving Tree is set up in the foyer. We have numerous families receiving food baskets and children’s names on our tree. If you know of anyone else in need, please contact Patty Welter. Let’s bless as many as we can this holiday season.

  • CCS Christmas Program... Thursday, Dec. 16th, at 6:30pm.

  • Food Drive Underway... We are looking for chili, beef stew, baked beans, and any kind of jam except grape. (For some unexplained reason, “our grape jam runneth over.”)

  • Church Office Closed... December 24, 27, 28 and 31. The dates are a little unusual since Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Day all fall on weekends. Both Michael and Jeff will be working both Sundays during the holidays and you should also feel free to call either of them at home if you should have a need on one of the days when the office is closed.

  • One adult Sunday Morning Bible Class through January 9... Scott and Chris Rouse are team teaching a Bible class called “Out Live Your Life,” in the large auditorium through January 9th. Please be part of the class at every opportunity.

New Sermon Series Beginning January 9...
“The Questions of God”

DGYM News...

  • LTC News... If any 3rd-12th graders are planning to participate in LTC, you need to turn in an Event Checklist TODAY so we can start organizing our team events. We'll begin our team event practices in January. Any adults interested in helping coach an event please let Jeff know.

  • Christmas Party Lock-In... All 6th-12th graders are invited to join us for a great night of fellowship and worship as we join the teens at the Northside Church of Christ in Spokane for a fun-filled all-nighter! We'll leave the church building at 6:00pm on Wednesday, December 22 and return home on Thursday morning. See Jeff for more details.

  • Bible Bowl Practice... is meeting this Wednesday night at 5:00pm in The Barn. We’ll enjoy a delicious meal together then continue digging into the book of Revelation. Remember to study at home and bring your notebook with you on Wednesday.

Serving Next Week... 
Opening Prayer: Arrty Rude
Offering Prayer:  Jim Klein
Communion Thought: Larry Slate
Serving Lord's Supper: Adam Borsheim, Ryan Davis, Bogan Frahm, Robbie Nirk
Ushers: Mike Haas, Paul Welter
Greeters: Ben & Christina Heater
Nursery Attendants: Kathy Taylor, Nathan Taylor
Children's Worship: Brenda Harlan

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today. Please know our communion is open to all Christians. We have a staffed nursery for children under age 2 and under. Children’s Bible Drill is for all kids under the age of 8. Children’s worship is open to kids age 3 thru 3rd grade and they will be dismiss just before the sermon. Thanks for coming... and come back!  

“We honor Christ , love one another, and live by God’s word.”
Our Shepherds...       LIFE Groups...
  David Bruner   667.2943   Ralph Crump / Paul Welter
  Dan Dupey   664.7008      Thurs 7pm - PF - 773.9651 
  Larry Grow       Warren Brown
  LaMont "Pete" Petersen   777.4309      Sun 5:30pm - HL - 772.9556
        Jack Cutler (Moving Molecules)
           Sun 1:30pm Cd'A - 666.1637
Our Ministers...       Michael Lewis / Visitation (The Encouragers)
  Michael Lewis, Senior Minister work 772.0541      Sun 4:30pm - Cd'A - 664.3000 
    michael@dgchurch.org home 664.3000   Marci Nelson / Life 101
  cell 651.6707      Sun 5:30pm - Cd'A - 665.2306
        Lamont Petersen (The Prairie Ramblers)
  Jeff Shelton, Youth & Family Minister  work 772.0541     Sun 5:30pm - PF - 777.4309
    jeff@dgchurch.org  cell 771-3311   Larry Grow / Howard Rude (The Believers)
    prayzboy@gmail.com           Sun 5:30pm - DG
        Scott Rouse (The Outback)
  Katrina Swaim, Office Ministry  work 772.0541      Mon 6:00pm - Athol - 623.4203
    katrina@dgchurch.org  cell 964.0125   Mike Swaim
           Sun 5pm - HL - 640.3247
Support Staff...       Betty Williams / Sew in Love
  Sandra Welch, Custodian work  772.0541      Tue 10:30am - DG - 964.0524 
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7        

Meeting Times:
Bible Study
  Sunday 9 am
  Wednesday 6:30 pm
  Sunday 10:15 am
LIFE Groups meet weekly
Dalton Gardens
Church of Christ

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