Family News January 29, 2017

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Family News
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
Above All Else
Faithful (during offering)
Blessing the Offering
Lamb of God
There Is a Redeemer (during cup)
Everlasting God (dismiss children)
Sermon: Malachi
Purify My Heart (Refiner’s Fire)
Prayer of Blessing
Send the Light


Church Family Update...

  • Calling All Church Tables and Chairs… You would probably be surprised at the number of tables and chairs borrowed from the church building and then NOT returned. It is only when we set up for something like the Chili Cook-Off or prepare for the Ministry Fair that we miss them. Please look around your garage, storage shed, or wherever else you may have inadvertently left a church table or chair, and PLEASE RETURN THEM SOON. We are glad to help with a church function at your home when you need to borrow a chair or something, but we can’t afford to always replace them. And remember forgiveness is also one of our strengths too. :)

  • Family Promise… See Freda Campbell for tickets to the Family Promise Salmon Feast. Saturday, February 4.

  • Adult Bible Class… Scott Rouse has been teaching in the Large Auditorium during the month of January. Come join us at 9:00am as we study God’s Word together. Kirk Davidson begins teaching in February.

  • MINISTRY FAIR… Sunday, February 12 immediately after worship we invite you to snack your way around our Ministry Fair. All the ministries seeking volunteers will have tables set up where you can ask questions and volunteer on the spot. It takes only a few minutes and you will be amazed at all we have happening here.

  • Divorce Care… The next class will be February 1. The first class was last Wednesday and largely an introduction, so someone could come this Wednesday night and “get up to speed” quickly. If you have any questions please contact Dale Herboldt. See the Divorce Care videos on our website: dgchurch.org

  • Senior Saints… February 26th is the Appreciation Luncheon for our Senior Christians immediately after the morning worship. You only need to attend. It’s Senior Christians only, you decide if you qualify.

Ministry Fair
Plan to Participate
February 12
Immediately After Worship

Youth Ministry News...

Our Youth LIFEgroup for 6th-12th graders will meet on Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:30pm in the Youth Barn. We’ll conclude our series, Life on Mission, in which we’ve been discussing how to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.
All youth and families are invited to join us for an evening of fun cheering on the Spokane Chiefs hockey team on Saturday, February 11th. Tickets are $10 plus it will be Buck Night at the game so all hot dogs and Coke products will be $1 each. Sign up on the youth board.
Join us for some fun in the snow! We’ll be tubing at the top of Silver Mountain on Saturday, February 25th, from 3-5pm. Tickets are $20 (there’s a standing lift so you don’t have to hike up the run!). All are welcome to join!

Family Spotlight...

 We are looking for congregations within a one day’s drive to do Bible Sport Camps, teach seminars, hold meetings, do anything that we can load up a group of adults and teens to go and encourage the church.

 If you do fill out the MMF card inside this Family News.

Serving Next Week...

Serving Lord's Supper: Daniel Whipple, Jack Cutler, Jesse Campbell, Nathan Frisk
Children's Worship: Howard & Delvona Rude
Nursery next week: Katrina Swaim, Cindy Wood 
Nursery today: Whitney Frisk, Debbie Hengge

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today! We have a staffed nursery for children ages two and under. Our children’s worship is open to kids age 3 through 3rd grade (they will be dismissed just before the sermon). Please visit us again… you’re always welcome! And please complete a Communication Card.

“A place to belong to the Lord and to one another.”
Our Shepherds...       LIFE Groups...
  David Bruner   640.0547   Pete Petersen/Charles Buchanan
  Andy Ponder    687.1060      Sun 3:00pm - PF - 777.4309 (Poland's)
  Scott Rouse   623.4203   Dan Dupey (Open Arms)
           Thur 6:30pm - CdA - 699.0614
Our Staff Ministers...       Mike Swaim (The Helping Hands)
  Michael Lewis, Senior Minister work 772.0541      Sun 5:00pm Hayden - 640.3247
     michael@dgchurch.org cell 651.6707   Mike Wood (7 South)
   Sun 4:30pm - Cd'A - 665.1537
   Jeff Shelton, Youth & Family Minister work 772.0541   Jim Klein/Kirk Davidson (SaLT)
     jeff@dgchurch.org cell 771.3311     Sun 1:00pm - Hayden - 405.401.6596
        Howard Rude/Larry Grow (The Insiders)
  Ronda Deane, Office Ministry work 772.0541     Sun 5:00pm - Sm Aud - 664.3522
     office@dgchurch.org cell 755.5860   Scott Rouse (The Outback)
          Mon 6:00pm - Athol - 623.4203
Support Staff...       Judie Sanborn (Sew in Love)
  Sandra Welch, Custodian work 772.0541      Tue 10:30am - Youth Barn - 755.9192
        Michael Lewis/Rod Bristol (The Heart Throbs)
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7          Thur 10:00am - Youth Barn - 651.6707
        Jeff Shelton (Teens, 8th-12th grade)
           Tue 6:00pm - Youth Barn - 771.3311

Meeting Times:
Bible Study
  Sunday 9 am
  Sunday 10:15 am

LIFE Groups meet weekly
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