Family News March 19, 2017

Our Worship

Blue Skies and Rainbows
Children Helping Children
Family News
Prayer for Nicaragua Team
Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing
Build Your Kingdom Here
More (during offering)
Blessing the Offering
I Exalt Thee
You Have Been Good
How Deep the Father’s Love
My Jesus, I Love Thee (during cup)
Faithful (dismiss children)
Mighty to Save
Prayer of Blessing
Lord, Reign in Me

Church Family Update...

  • Adult Bible Class… Mike Wood will be teaching for the coming two weeks of this month. Warren Brown will be teaching the first Sunday in April. Mike Swaim will then be teaching for the remainder of the month.

  • Family Promise… Sign up to serve a meal or spend the night, March 26-31. Today we have an orientation meeting right after worship, for all volunteers new and experienced.

  • Mark your calendars for the CCS Auction… April 21. Let’s support our Christian school.

  • So-In-Love Bible Class beginning again… with a new class called “A Lady Bug Life” at the Youth Barn each Tuesday at 10:30. All women welcome!

  • Mobile Mission Force… Michael and Jeff drove out to talk with the Longview, Washington congregation about helping them with a project this summer to help them to reach out to their community. More news to follow.

  • Please remember our drive to provide paper products… The Mountain States truck will by in early April. They especially need paper towels and toilet paper. Thanks.

Please pray for our mission trip.
We are leaving at 4am this Friday, March 24!

Today Immediately After Worship Time
Final Meeting for Nicaraguan Mission Team
Up Front in the Large Auditorium

Youth Ministry News...

All ages are welcome to join us TONIGHT for the Rock & Worship Roadshow in Spokane. We’ll leave the parking lot at 3:00pm and be back around 11:00. Bring $10 for entrance plus whatever money you need for dinner.
Guys Group will meet today from 12:00 to 1:00pm at Qdoba’s on Prairie. Bring money for lunch and fill up on good grub, great fellowship, and strength from the Word.
Youth LIFEgroup will NOT meet for the next two weeks. Make plans to join us in April when we kick off a new study called Why Jesus? where we take an in-depth look at who Jesus is and why we should follow Him.
Our Girls Group for all 6th-12th grade girls will meet again on Wednesday, April 5th, at the Cutler’s house. Come enjoy this time of fellowship in the guy-free zone!

Family Spotlight...
Our Team Leaving for Nicaragua This Friday:
   Kim Borsheim
Mark Borsheim
Lynelle Dehlbom
Ty Evans
Mason Frahm
Alyson Klein
Lily Klein
Carmen Lewis
Michael Lewis
Andy Ponder
Andrew Clevenger
Chris Rouse
Nichole Rouse
Scott Rouse
Adam Rude
Jen Rude
Josh Rude
Glenn Sanborn
Judy Sanborn
Alex Sande
Corrie Sande
Heath Sande
Makena Sande
Hayden Shelton
Jeff Shelton
Kara Shelton
Mike Swaim 
Please Pray for Our Safety! 

Serving Next Week...

Serving Lord's Supper: Robert Clark, Larry Priddy, Grant Wood, Jesse Campbell
Children's Worship: Howard & Delvona Rude
Nursery next week: Jolie Wiedmaier, Karen Craner 
Nursery today: Carmen Lewis, Rachel Davidson

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today! We have a staffed nursery for children ages two and under. Our children’s worship is open to kids age 3 through 3rd grade (they will be dismissed just before the sermon). Please visit us again… you’re always welcome! And please complete a Communication Card.

“A place to belong to the Lord and to one another.”
Our Shepherds...       LIFE Groups...
  David Bruner   640.0547   Pete Petersen/Charles Buchanan
  Andy Ponder    687.1060      Sun 4:00pm - PF - 755.9286 or 755.0170
  Scott Rouse   623.4203   Dan Dupey (Open Arms)
           Thur 6:30pm - CdA - 699.0614
Our Staff Ministers...       Mike Swaim (The Helping Hands)
  Michael Lewis, Senior Minister work 772.0541      Sun 5:00pm Hayden - 640.3247
     michael@dgchurch.org cell 651.6707   Jim Klein/Kirk Davidson (SaLT)
   Sun 1:00pm - Hayden - 405.401.6596
   Jeff Shelton, Youth & Family Minister work 772.0541   Howard Rude/Larry Grow (The Insiders)
     jeff@dgchurch.org cell 771.3311      Sun 5:00pm - Sm Aud - 664.3522
        Scott Rouse (The Outback)
  Ronda Deane, Office Ministry work 772.0541      Mon 6:00pm - Athol - 623.4203
     office@dgchurch.org cell 755.5860   Judie Sanborn (So in Love)
            Tue 10:30am - Youth Barn - 755.9192
Support Staff...       Michael Lewis/Rod Bristol (The Heart Throbs)
  Sandra Welch, Custodian work 772.0541       Thur 10:00am - Conf Rm - 651.6707
        Jeff Shelton (Youth LIFEgroup)
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7           Tue 7:00pm - Youth Barn - 771.3311

Meeting Times:
Bible Study
  Sunday 9 am
  Sunday 10:15 am

LIFE Groups meet weekly
Dalton Gardens
Church of Christ

6439 North 4th Street
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  83815

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