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Family News May 7, 2017

Our Worship

Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing
High Priest Forever
Our God, He Is Alive
Family News
Mission/Outreach Update
Video – The Table
Here in This Place
Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down
Blessed Assurance (during offering)
Blessing the Offering
Video – The Upper Room
Prayer for the Bread
The Power of the Cross (during bread)
Faithful Love
His Grace Reaches Me
Video – The Fifth Cup
Thoughts on the Cup
And Can It Be (while passing cup)
Prayer for the Cup
In Christ Alone
Prayer of Blessing
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Church Family Update...

  • Adult Bible Class… Nathan Frisk will be teaching the adult Bible class in May. We encourage you to make Bible Classes an important priority for your family. Sowing the seeds of the Kingdom is one of the most important things we can do to bless our families and ourselves.

  • Nicaragua news… We continue to share short snap shots of the recent trip we took to Nicaragua. A remarkable number from the Dalton Gardens church made the trip and made memories they will remember for the rest of their lives. Jen Rude will share her stories this week. Check out your bulletin insert.

  • Senior Saints Brunch… at the Borsheim's brunch will run Saturday, June 3 from 10:30am to 1:30pm. The Senior Saints Leadership Group will be passing the word about what to bring. Senior Saints generally are those who are 50 and up...but it is open to anyone who wants to be involved with this fun group.

  • Graduating Seniors… Sunday, June 4 we will be honoring our high school graduates, Kurt Roush & Katie Swaim. We will be having a hot dog and hamburger cookout immediately after services, out on the patio. If you could bring a side dish or dessert to share that would be great! Congratulations! Katie and Kurt!

  • Baby Dedication… Also on June 4th. We will be having a special prayer of blessing for our new babies and their parents.

Mission Outreach Offering
June 4th
Pray and plan now how you can be generous!

Men's Fellowship Breakfast

May 13th @ 7am

Youth Ministry News...

Youth LIFEgroup, Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30pm in the Youth Barn. We’re discussing the purpose behind some of the Stranger Things we do and believe as Christians.
TODAY is our final Guys Group for this school year. Join us at Noon in the Youth Barn! Our final Girls Group of the school year will be Wednesday, May 17th.
Join us TODAY for a time of fellowship and singing with our brothers and sisters at the Church of Christ at Coeur d’Alene. The van will leave here at 5:00pm. Don’t miss it!
All teens are encouraged to join us at Rally on the Rock in Redmond, Oregon, on May 19-21. Registration for this weekend event is only $15. Forms can be found on the Youth Board or at the Welcome Desk. It’s gonna rock!

Family Spotlight...

Jen Rude's Nicaragua Diaries 
I have one page to tell you about ten days that changed my heart and my mind. I have the heart of an adventurer, but not always the mind to fit. So when Adam asked if we could go to Nicaragua with the mission team, I hesitated. But only for a minute. Because when your child asks to go serve the Lord, you go… even if it’s 4,000 miles away.

So many blessings came from our time in Nicaragua. First, I was able to spend a week working with 26 brothers and sisters from our congregation. I saw love and service like I’ve never seen before. I got to know some people that I’d not spent time with before and got to really know some that I thought I already knew. I was so encouraged by our group. Young and older, male and female, newer believers and life long believers. We all worked together to further His kingdom.

Secondly, I was pushed out of my comfort zone from my first step on Nicaraguan soil. Language barriers, cultural differences, even the way the moon looked in the sky. It was a different world. I was surprised to find, though, how much I loved everything about it. The smell of gardenias, the interesting trees, and the smiling people all made it beautiful.

But above all, I was blessed by getting to spend time with and know our Nicaraguan family in Christ and the wonderful children of the area. I thought I might feel sad or sorry for the people since they live differently than us. But what I felt was joy and peace, because that’s what they seemed to feel. It’s true that they don’t have all the material blessings that we have, but they are happy. They love their children and take care of them the best they can. They appreciated all the little things that I have grown to take for granted. Indoor plumbing, fresh drinking water, clean streets, and a home with floors and walls and windows. Things that are a given in my life are not to the people of Nicaragua. But regardless, they live with what they have and are content.

Since I chose to do a variety of jobs on the trip, I got to see many miles of countryside. One of my favorite jobs and places was Pantasma. While there I was able to help build a new church building. One of my jobs was to fill the bottom row of cinder blocks with rocks before the next row as put on. At the end of the day, my heart was happy when I realized that I played a part in forming the foundation for the Pantasma church… literally! The second day that I worked there, while all the men were “having their chicken” (aka lunch), I walked around the inside of the half-built building and prayed over it, for the people who would worship there, and for Angel, the preacher. What a blessing that was!

My other favorite job was with the children. I learned more Spanish from an hour or two with kids than I had the previous 45 years of my life! They are amazing! They are loving and kind and patient and beautiful! I loved meeting our little Natalie who we sponsor through Kingdom Kids. My heart was filled with love for this little one that God has put in our lives. And my heart was a little broken, too, when I learned that her mama lives and works in Panama to be able to send money back to Natalie and her three siblings who live with grandma. I pray extra prayers for her now.

Oh, there is so much more to tell! The mama with three boys in wheelchairs, the family with the new latrine, the men and women who go out everyday to do what we did for a week, singing in Spanish with the church, singing on the veranda, watching my boys grow, praying over so many little hearts, peace in abundance so far from home. If you want more stories, just ask. I have a million! Thank you to all who supported this trip in whatever way you did. And if you’re able, plan to be a part of the next trip. You will be glad you did!

- Jen

Serving Next Week...

Serving Lord's Supper: Robert Clark, Kurtis Roush, Isaac Cutler, Toby Schindelbeck
Children's Worship: Howard & Delvona Rude
Nursery next week: Jen Rude, Darcy Ponder 
Nursery today: Judie Sanborn, Kim Borsheim

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today! We have a staffed nursery for children ages two and under. Our children’s worship is open to kids age 3 through 3rd grade (they will be dismissed just before the sermon). Please visit us again… you’re always welcome! And please complete a Communication Card.

“A place to belong to the Lord and to one another.”
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