Family News November 24, 2019

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Only King Forever
Thank You, Lord
Children Helping Children
Family News
Video - Letters of Thanksgiving
Good, Good Father
Thank You, Lord
Count Your Blessings
I’m Thankful For… (during offering)
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Worthy Is the Lamb
There Is a Redeemer (during cup)
Home of the Soul (dismiss children)
Video - The Weird Life of a Different People
Sermon - We’re Weird
This World Is Not My Home (v. 1, 2)
Prayer of Blessing
This World Is Not My Home (v. 4)

Church Family Update...

  • Sunday Adult Bible Class… Dwayne Campbell will be teaching for the next few weeks. The topic is “New Testament Postcards.” He will be teaching on Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. Scriptures we do not often think about. Make Bible Class each Sunday at 9am part of your routine.

  • Keith and Carole Fredrikson took the first load of donated food to Newby-Ginnings this past week… Thanks Keith and Carole! And remember our food drive benefiting our food pantry and Newby-Ginnings continues thru December 8th. We will take the final load of food and pies on the morning of December 9th. Thanks to everyone who is helping with this effort.

  • Pot-Luck for the Shelton family, December 15… After services stay to say goodbye to Jeff, Kara, Hayden, Brylee, & Merit. We will enjoy pulled pork sandwiches. Please bring side dishes and desserts. Let’s do everything we can to share our love with this important family.

  • Mark your calendar… The Senior Saints are going to party! The annual Senior Saints Christmas party is set for December 14th from 11:00am to 1:00pm in our small auditorium. We ask attendees to bring a salad dish or a dessert, and a small gift to be exchanged. What’s a Senior Saint? It’s anyone who wants to be part of the group!

  • Ministry Opportunity… We are looking for additional folks who are computer savvy to help with our church needs along with those who would like to help in the loft during worship (audio or video). Contact the office if interested.

  • Still hoping everyone will spread the word about our opening for a new Worship Leader/Youth Minister... The elders would be glad to send a job description out to anyone interested.

  • Food items we are looking for: Stuffing/dressing; cranberry sauce; potatoes/or mash potatoes in a box; gravy (jars or packets); rolls (biscuit mix or cornbread mix); sweet potatoes and or yams; brown sugar; marshmallows; mushroom soup; French fried onions; corn or creamed corn; apple cider or apple juice. Please be generous.

  Our Tuesday Night Teen Group is open to all 6th-12th grade students on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Youth Barn. We enjoy food, play some games, then have a time of praise, Bible study, and discussion. This week we’ll talk about having attitudes of gratitude
  We will have a youth ministry planning meeting in the Small Auditorium on Sunday, December 8th, immediately following the worship service. This is for any teens, parents, and other adults who are interested in helping to keep our youth ministry strong and active during the transition period after the Shelton family moves. We will provide pizza and drinks for all. Come share your ideas! 
  All 6th-12th graders and families are invited to join us for a Movie Night on Friday, December 20th, to see the new Star Wars movie. Check the Youth Board for all the details and to sign up to reserve your ticket. Tickets are $11 plus we’ll be eating together before the movie. 

Family Spotlight...
The Near Future May Be Somewhat “Iffy”

 But Eternity Is Forever!

So Be Thankful For The Hope We Have In Lord

Serving Next Week...
Serving Lord's Supper: Larry Priddy, David Gutierrez, Nolan Moore, Grant Wood
Children's Worship: Howard & Delvona Rude
Nursery next week: Sandra Welch, Brenda Harlan 
Nursery today: Diane Herboldt, Sandra Welch

Guests! We are thrilled that you are with us today! We have a staffed nursery for children ages two and under. Our children’s worship is open to kids age 3 through 3rd grade (they will be dismissed just before the sermon). Please visit us again… you’re always welcome! And please complete a Communication Card.

“A place to belong to the Lord and to one another.”
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     michael@dgchurch.org cell 651.6707  
   Jeff Shelton, Youth & Family Minister work 772.0541  
     jeff@dgchurch.org cell 771.3311  
  Ronda Deane, Office Ministry work 772.0541  
     office@dgchurch.org cell 755.5860  
Support Staff...      
  Sandra Welch, Custodian work 772.0541  
Prayer Line... 772.0541, #7      

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