DG Church Radio Ministry

The purpose of the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ radio ministry is to increase the public awareness about our congregation and reinforce a positive perspective for the community mission of the congregation. Michael personally writes each spot and records them in a production studio at the radio station. He has done radio programs in Des Moines, Iowa; Abilene, Texas; and Houston, Texas.

Check out our current and past radio spots:
New spots for 2008 running on KVNI:
"Face It"
Older spots that ran on KVNI & Wired 96.9:
"Care Ministry"
"Family Matters"
"Normal Life"
"Making your Summer Count with your Children"
"Marriage Licenses are Really Learnerís Permits"
"Come as You are, Leave Better"
"Multi-Generational Communication is Hard but Worth it"
"A Marriage-Centered Home"
"We are A Place to Belong"

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