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November 24, 2009

Team Update, November

Welcome back to the Kabiye Team Newsletter! Please excuse our long absence. We have been working out some bugs, and we plan to once again begin sending out the newsletter at regular monthly intervals. Thank you for your love and patience!

There have been several big events that we have missed out on telling you all about in the past few months, and we would like to share with you a few of the most recent. First, our team has entered into a process of casting a vision for our ministry for the next several years. We have been meeting regularly to pray, study Godís Word and seek the direction He desires for us to go. Please pray for the team and this process, that God would speak clearly to us and that we would be attentive listeners. More updates on this process are soon to come!

Another recent event was the birth of a new church in the village of Alibi 1, which is about 2 hours to the south of Kara near the larger village of Tchamba. This village is full of Kabiye people who moved south about 30 years ago in search of better farmland. They still maintain strong family ties to their villages in the north, and is was from these relationships with members of churches in Lassa Tchou and Sogode that this evangelism was begun. After several months of teaching them Godís Word and teaching them to teach themselves, 34 people gave up their lives to Christís Lordship! Especially exciting is that there were ten complete family units that were baptized, which we hope will bring strong unity in this new church and a greater ability to reach out to their neighbors. A house divided cannot stand, but one that is united can do great things in Jesusí name! Please pray for these new Christians as they continue to build on their solid foundation in Jesus and as they begin to share their new found joy with those around them. For more on these baptisms, check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKbqh6eZi2Q and this blog post: http://emersonstogo.blogspot.com/2009/11/alibi-baptisms.html

The most recent and potentially most important event was the Kabiye Leaders Retreat, which was held here in Kara from November 20-22. 7 church leaders came from 5 different villages to join us in the process of casting a vision for ministry and expanding Godís Kingdom in Togo in the coming years. Please pray for Jerome and Kpaatcha from NíDjei, Kossi from Sogode, Dacaa from Tchikpaa, Eyabene from Kacaade, and Jean Marie and Christienne from Lassa Tchou as they join us in reaching out to all of the Kabiye people and beyond. May God be glorified in all they do!

We thank you for continuing with us on this journey of faith. We hope you know how much your love and support means to us, and we pray that God will fill you with joy as you bear witness to others of the great things God is doing here!

Reeves Family News, November

Happy November!! As we prepare to celebrate with a feast of Thanksgiving near the end of the month, we find ourselves thankful for so many things! Our privilege to pray, asking God to act on behalf of His people and to glorify Himself among the nations is something we find ourselves very thankful for. We are grateful for the last 9+ years He has granted us to serve Him here in Togo. It is our hope and goal that our ministry over these next few months will be full of prayer for the saints and spent in equipping those we influence directly to continue on without us in Godís mission here. David is working with one of his mentor-ees on a drip irrigation project that he can use to bless people and reach those around him hungry for truth. David also looks forward to finding a way to begin drilling next month. The rains have lasted a month longer this year than is normal and the soil is still not quite ready for drilling. Becky will continue to mentor two Christian women leaders in how to lead others in oral discovery Bible studies with the goal of reaching the vast majority of Kabiye women who can not read or write.

On the home front, we are all doing well. We put on a fall festival with our American friends in town for all of our children and Gabriel celebrated his 6th birthday this month! Let us hear your news as you find time. May the Lord bless and keep you!

David, Becky and family

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