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Kabiye Team News
May 17, 2005

Team Update

The Kabiye team is currently working with 17 churches and 4 teaching points throughout Kabiye land. The political situation continues to remain quiet and peaceful in Togo (especially in our area up north) although we still ask for you to be praying for peace to reign in Togo.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

Greetings again from Togo. Thankfully it is a Togo that has calmed down and seems to be getting back to normal. Our family is doing well and have enjoyed the arrival of the rains that have brought with them cooler temps. We are all healthy for the most part and we praise God for this mercy. This has been a special last couple of days for our family. Becky turned thirty this past Saturday. The kids helped bake a cake and had a good time doing that for their mom. The kids continue to enjoy school and are looking forward to their end of the year special parties with their teachers. Hannah will be having a sleep over with her first grade friends and Elijah will be having a special dinner and movie night with his pre-K friends. Gabriel is doing well also. He continues to become more and more vocal and loves to interact with anyone around him. This past week we went on a family hike and rock climbing expedition. Our children are natural rock climbers and didn't need ropes of any kind. The kids had a great time! We are so thankful for your prayer concerning our family. Please continue to intercede for us.

The work continues on even though the planting season has begun and people are very busy. We enjoyed some blessed teaching times with the Christians in the villages this past week. Our teaching times with the Kara church this past Saturday were well attended and blessed by God. David taught four men in the morning during the train and multiply time. We are currently learning how to study God's word. The lesson prompted some good discussion and they are excited about using some things we learned to study some specific texts. Becky's women's lesson time in the afternoon went well also. She taught four women about physical and spiritual cleanliness and was very excited about their attentiveness and willingness to hear God's word. Please continue to pray for the Kara church. The work in Legue and Bodowdaa continue to progress well also. Pray for all of these Christians and their walks with God. We love each of you and pray that you will draw very near to God this week. God bless each of you!

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