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Kabiye Team News
May 31, 2005

Team Update

The Kabiye team is currently working with 18 churches and 3 teaching points throughout Kabiye land. The past couple of weeks saw the birth of a new church in Soumdina Po Wayi and the roofing of the church building in Lassa Tchou. Our team will suffer a big loss as we say 'goodbye' to the Dolingers who return to the States next week but we will be gaining summer interns (9 of them) who will be arriving as Brian and Christy leave. The political situation continues to remain quiet and peaceful in Togo for which we are all thankful.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

Greetings! Things in Kabiyeland are plugging along and we praise God for the many ways we've seen Him at work in the past few weeks. David has had encouraging teaching times in Legue Legue and Bodowda and played mediator and instructor with some of the leaders in the Kara church who have had some personal problems this last week. Becky continues to enjoy the women's lessons she is teaching and had an especially rewarding teaching time in Po Wayi with Tracey last Friday as they taught on Cleanliness in drinking water and on Jesus being the Living Water who satisfies every thirst in our souls.

We got our vehicle back last night after being without it for a month and a half. A mechanic in Lome' has been working on our car, along with the Neals', and Millers' for the past couple of months. Although we are happy to have it back, it arrived needing a new battery and without the air conditioning in working order. We are extremely thankful to the Tabligbo team for allowing us to use their teacher's vehicle for the past month and half so that we could continue to do work in the villages. We are currently raising money for a new vehicle as the repair costs this year alone have been well over $10,000.

Our children have had a wonderful school year and were sad to see Brian and Christy Dolinger leave to return to the states. They have been extremely wonderful teachers and we are so grateful to the Lord for sending them to us. Hannah and Elijah are looking forward to their one day a week of summer school that Becky will be teaching with Tracey before we leave on furlough at the end of June.

We look forward to hosting our summer interns from Harding, Pepperdine, and Boston University this year. They will be arriving at the end of the week. Please pray for them as they live with our team this summer. May God bless each of you! Our prayers are with you!

-The Reeves

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