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Kabiye Team News
June 21, 2005

Team Update

The Kabiye team is currently working with 18 churches and 3 teaching points throughout Kabiyeland. On June 2nd, our summer interns arrived. Over the past two weeks, they have been tremendously busy, visiting villages, taking language lessons, digging latrines as part of a service project, going on hikes and introducing Frisbee to people just about everywhere they go. All of the 9 interns are outstanding individuals and we feel privileged to have them with us this summer.

Summer Interns

We feel that God has blessed us to be able to serve and learn as Interns with the team here in Kara. God is teaching us that this is truly his mission and we are getting to see a glimpse of Him at work through the lives and work of the missionaries. It is amazing and very exciting to be a part of. The importance of God's family existing as a community is one of the lessons that has already been becoming clearer to us interns as we are allowed to share the lives of the Christians here. We are also continually being challenged and encouraged by the missionaries to discover who we are and to realize that we ourselves have been called, sanctified, justified and glorified by the blood of Jesus Christ just as these new Christians have been.

We want to thank all of you who have supported us both materially with funds and spiritually with prayer. Please continue to pray for us and our families as we are apart. Please pray that we are moldable like clay to be worked in God's hands this summer to be fashioned into whatever will bring glory to him. Pray that we can be a blessing to the missionaries and to the Kabiye people despite the cultural and language barriers. We thank God for the safety and blessings of this trip so far and eagerly await the lessons that He is going to continue teaching us.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

We are busy busy enjoying and hosting 3 of our team's 9 Harding interns: Joe Voigts, Andy Gann, and Thomas Ritchie, trying to wrap up projects and obligations here in Togo and getting ready for our furlough which begins June 28th.

Our interns are very quality, helpful, and enjoyable young men. They've been a joy to host the past week or so! Our entire intern group and adult team members got caught up on a mountain during orientation as a huge front came in, but before we were soaked to the bone, it was a beautiful sight.

We are glad that the Millers have returned safely from furlough but are not looking forward to having to say goodbye to them, again, and to our other teammates and interns. However, we are looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends in the states that we haven't seen for two years or more! This is a time of mixed emotions but a time of much blessing and we praise God for the way He surprises us again and again by showing Himself in ways we don't expect.

Please pray for our family as we make a big transition over the next few months, especially for Hannah, Elijah, and Gabriel as they experience things that are familiar and comforting to us, but new and strange to them in the states. Also, please pray for our last few village visits over the next two weeks as we wrap up teachings and say goodbye to our Kabiye brothers and sisters for a time, too. We love you and look forward to seeing many of you soon!

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