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Kabiye Team News
August 28, 2005

Team Update

The Kabiye team is currently working with 17 churches and 4 teaching points throughout Kabiyeland. Great news from Lassa Tchou! Nine people were baptized there this week, including the mother of one of the church leaders (pictured left). Also, the Legue Legue church has arranged to restart evangelism in the village of Nyangbawayi. The Kara Christian Academy starts school this week for 2nd grade and Kindergarten.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

Greetings from the Reeves family! We've had a "vacation"-filled week as we went camping with Becky's sister, Sarah, brother-in-law, Tim, and nephew, Andrew. We had a wonderful time together laughing, playing, and freezing our tails off at night!! We were sure it was below zero but Sarah and Tim assured us the temperature had to be only in the low forties since nothing was frozen when we awoke each morning.
We're packing for our two-week trip down south to visit friends and family in Arkansas and Tennessee beginning this Monday. The children are doing well and Gabriel is making leaps in his English speaking ability. His favorite phrases of this last week (finally understood by more than just mom and dad!) have been "Don't touch" while waving his pudgy little finger with a smirk and "I sit" when he wants to sit in someone's lap.

Please continue to pray with us for God to provide us with a working, dependable vehicle in Togo. Donations can be sent to Reeves Vehicle Replacement Fund, Richland Church of Christ, 933 Thayer Drive, Richland, WA, 99352.

May God grant you peace this week through His love.

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