Kabiye Team News
September 27, 2005

Team Update

Stormy Kabiye Sky

This past week, the rains continued to fall in Kabiyeland, but more importantly, the Lord sent his reign here as well. We rejoiced to hear that there were baptisms in Tankoda/Tchikpiou and that more were planning to be baptized there soon. Our team will be having our bi-annual team retreat this week and in the US, final preparations are being made for the Together for Togo Conference, which will be held in Richland, WA, October 9-11. The Kabiye team is currently working with 18 churches and 4 teaching points throughout Kabiyeland.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

The Reeves are currently in Richland, Washington working with their sponsoring congregation and preparing for the Together For Togo Conference which will be hosted there Oct. 9-11. They are continuing to raise funds for a new vehicle. If you would like to help in this way, please sent any funds to the Richland Church of Christ, 933 Thayer Drive, Richland, WA and put "Reeves truck fund" in the memo space.

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