Kabiye Team News
December 5, 2005

Team Update

The Kabiye Team has enjoyed hosting our friends from Tabligbo, Togo, and Dano, Burkina Faso for a Thanksgiving celebration and our mostly-annual Sports Camp. Both were a great success, as you will hear in the following reports. We were also happy to welcome back Tracey and Owen Ries from their quick trip to the States for Tracey's sister Mandy's wedding. The Kabiye Team is working with 18 churches and 4 preaching points throughout Kabiye land.

Reeves Family Update - kabiye4christ@yahoo.fr

Greetings from the Reeves family! We have had a great week, filled with friends, family and lots of fellowship! We had a wonderful time hosting the Crowsons from Tabligbo and the Johnsons from Burkina Faso during our Thanksgiving / Sports Camp week What a blessing it is to have friends and brothers and sisters to share our life with here in West Africa! We missed getting to be with so many of you over Thanksgiving and want you to know that we are so very thankful for all of you and love you and pray for you always.

Please pray for our family as we get back into a "normal" routine with David back from Rwanda and Sports Camp over. David is finally able to keep a normal weekly schedule now and covets your prayers for how his work week should look in this term after our furlough. We are anxious to hear how the special contribution went this past Sunday for our new vehicle and ask you to continue to pray for God to provide us with reliable transportation for the next 5 or more years of our time here in Togo. God's sweetest blessings upon each of you! We love you!

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