Prayer Requests
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We believe in the power of prayer...

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens
church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email.
Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another.  Please pray for these requests
and give God the glory.

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Weekly Prayers: February 16, 2020

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Continue to pray for Glenn Sanborn, and Betty Evans. Robin & Robert Webber are both not doing well. Letís lift them up in prayer. Also, prayers for Mike & Victoria Isenhart they have been under the weather.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Pray for Glennís continued strength and healing. Pray for healing for Robin Webber. Bobby Webber injured his back, pray for his healing.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for Glenn Sanbornís recovery from surgery.

Brylie Moore: Please pray for my tailbone to get better.

Nolan & Emily Moore: One test for abnormal cells came back negative (Praise God!). More tests/blood work on February 24. Please continue to pray over our pregnancy and over the ďNurturing Godís WayĒ class. We are learning a lot.

Mikayla Moore: Please pray for our new baby to be born healthy.

Scott Rouse: Pray for Karmen. She has had migraines the past four days.

Heath Sande: My grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his bones. They are going to do palliative care, please pray for our family.

Les & Nancy Biby: Prayers for Bonnie Boultonís son who remains hospitalized.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Please pray for our Youth/Worship Minister search.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: A neighborís son committed suicide on Friday. Prayers for the family and Post Falls high school where he was a student.

Bonnie Boulton: My son, Brian is in Kootenai Hospital with kidney failure and on dialysis. Please pray!

Shelia Bucher: Prayers for the youth group candidates. That we will find the person that God chooses.

Misty Stemmene: My dad, AJ is having a lot of ice pick headaches. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Amber Lufiyele: Please pray for Daniel. He is continuing to minister in Zimbabwe.

AJ Stemmene: Prayer and thoughts for all who are struggling with life addiction of any kind. Hang in there God is waiting.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Pray for our nation to be led by Godly men.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Heath Sande: My co-worker, Adam is making great strides in his recovery. He is walking, talking, and gaining his sight back in both eyes. He is still in the hospital but does get to go home this week. He will have at least two more surgeries. The prayers have been powerful! Thank you and please continue to pray.

Shelia Bucher: Thankful for my church family and my job at CCS. Please pray for our auction in April. We have so much work to do. Pray for our staff and parents. God knows our hearts.

Marsha Becker: I am thankful that as caring hearts come together, blessings are multiplied in countless ways!

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Praising God for the support & generosity given to Family Promise at the dinner auction Saturday evening.

Judie Sanborn: Thank you for the prayers and love that you have showered on us. Glenn is healing very well but is now at Ivy Court for more healing and therapy. Continue to pray for him. Prayers for Larry Grow.

Judy Brooks: Thank you all for your wonderful prayers. I am healing quickly and the prayers have helped tremendously. Love to you all.

Tiffinay Walker: Thank you for being so welcoming to us.

Weekly Prayers: February 9, 2020

Anita Poland: Prayer for Patty Welterís quick recovery from Bellís palsy.

Angel Delgado: My sister, Candi was in a bad accident in Florida. Prayers for a quick recovery, please.

Howard & Delvona Rude: Please pray for Judy Brooks. For her quick recovery from surgery, last week.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please pray for Glenn Sanbornís quick recovery from surgery. Prayers for Judie and family as well. Prayers for all those suffering. Prayers of healing for Robin Webber.

Nolan & Emily Moore: Thank you for the show of love from our church family. Please continue to pray over Emilyís pregnancy and buying a house.

Mikayla Moore: Please pray for my mom and baby!

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Prayers for Larry Grow and Prayers for Glenn Sanborn.

Helen Rouse: Please remember to pray for Bill Andrews. He is having a hard time with his breathing.

Chris & Nichole Rouse: Please keep our friend in prayer who is starting cancer treatment this week.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Continued prayers for Larry Grow, Shirley Swaim, & Glenn Sanborn. Keeping Emily, Nolan, & girls in prayer as they prepare for a new baby. Also, prayers for Robin Webberís healing.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for a successful CCS Auction in April. Prayers for good health for all physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for Larry & Jean Grow as they have quite a journey ahead of them. Prayers for a speedy recovery for Glenn Sanborn. Prayers for Carole Fredrikson as she goes to Seattle for a second opinion and check-up.

David & Linda Bruner: Please pray for our aging parents and all the challenges that presents.

Church office: Please keep Sandra Welch in your prayers for open doors.

Misty Stemmene: My best friend, Treeanna could use some prayers. She has not seen a doctor since she was 19 years old and is very nervous. Thanks to my wonderful church family.

Freda Campbell: Pray for Jesse. He graduates from boot camp on Friday, the 7th. Also, pray for Kevin for strength & guidance.

Paul & Patty Welter: Please pray that Pattyís Bellís palsy will go away soon. Thank you.

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Please pray for Larry Grow, that our Father will heal him. Please pray for safe travels to Seattle to get a second opinion on my back surgery.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please pray for Larry & Jean Grow. His tests were not good regarding his cancer. Pray it has not spread. Bless Glennís surgery and prayers for healing.

Laura Andrews: Please pray for Billís health. He is being cautious about going out with his compromised immune system. He misses everyone, especially the hugs!

Larry & Jean Grow: Please pray for Larry. The doctors found that it is an aggressive type of prostate cancer. They will be doing more tests to determine what to do next.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for my brother, George. He will be going to Stanford for open-heart surgery in March.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Les & Nancy Biby: Thankful to God for answered prayer regarding Bob Brownís daughter, Sharon. Continued prayers for Larry & Jean.

Mike & Yvie Swaim: Thank you for all your prayers for mom, Shirley. She is home at Pacifica now and doing better.

Brylie Moore: Thank you for your prayers for my family.

Dave Hopkins: Love this family here at Dalton!

Mike & Cindy Wood: May the ďNurturing Godís WayĒ class be a blessing to all those in class and a blessing to our children.

Weekly Prayers: February 2, 2020

Jo Allen: Please pray for my sister, Joyce, who will be having surgery for a small cancer on her brain. Pray that all will go well.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for us to have the endurance to finish out the year here at CCS.

Howard Rude: Pray for Delvona. She is very sick with the flu.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for our son, Jeffery. He has deployed again on his sub. Keep AJ in your prayers for healing. Pray for positive news for Larry Grow. Prayers for the Moore family for a healthy baby and an uneventful pregnancy.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Thanksgiving for Ryan Jewell becoming a Christian. Pray for his new walk in Christ.

Ryan Jewell: Please pray for my daughter, Rachel. She is in a treatment center. Prayers for her to know that she is loved.

Amber Conte: Please pray for our household and struggles with our dog training.

Anita Poland: Pray for Robin Webber and Glenn Sanborn and all our sick and those in need.

Larry & Jean Grow: Continue to pray for Larry. We should have the results of the biopsy soon.

Mikayla Moore: Please pray for my mom. She is pregnant. Please pray for a safe delivery.

Anne & Dale Moore: Please continue to pray that all goes well for Nolan & Emilyís pregnancy.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please keep Mary Peterson and family in prayer. Maryís sister, Doris passed away.

Bri Durbin: Prayers for a speedy recovery with my ankle and prayers for a steady income while I am on unemployment.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Pray for Tom Chaney to have peace as God works. Pray for Rod Bristol, the elders, and Michael.

Evan Storms: Prayers for the downtown CDA businesses that burned down. Special prayers for our friends at Schmidtyís Burgers who are struggling with this loss.

Shannon Rouse: Please keep my Uncle Billy, in your prayers. He is recovering from pneumonia in Arizona.

John & Beth Cope: Thank you for your prayers for safe travels. Prayers for our family as we experience changes. Prayers for our great nephew, Luca and our whole family.

Bob Brown: Prayers for Sharon Brossman. She is in the hospital with heart trouble, encephalitis, and now has pneumonia.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Our birth mother, Rachel, is pregnant again. We ask for prayers over Rachel and this baby. Pray for their health asking God to give this child what he/she needs.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for Ryan Jewell. He has given his life to the Lord. Hallelujah!

Daniel & Amber Lufiyele: Please pray for Daniel as he travels to Zimbabwe this week. He will be there for the next month.

Church Office: Please continue to pray for Carrie Forbushís unborn grandson, Levi. Prayers for a good outcome.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Nolan & Emily Moore: Thankful for your prayers and support about our pregnancy and buying a house.

Marissa Goodwin: My great grandma was in the hospital for four days. She is home now and recovering quickly. Thank you for your prayers.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Thank you for your prayers for our safe travels. We were able to see Pete & Mary Peterson, Sally Archer, and Betty Rude. All are doing well.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Thank you for the cards and prayers for Glenn. We are blessed. His surgery was rescheduled for February 3.

Rod Bristol: Thank you, brothers and sisters for being the hands and voices of Godís love.

Claudia Moberg: Bill & Jan Roberts want to thank you for all your prayers for Aidien Smith and his family. They are his grandparents. Please continue to pray for the family they have a long road back to recovery.

Harold & Trisha Schultz: God bless you, Ryan Jewell.

Marci Nelson: I am thankful for our church family. Please continue to pray for my family and me. I will be traveling to Seattle this week.

Misty Stemmene: I would like to give a big thank you to Wayne Frisbie for helping my dad with the snow on his roof. God bless you, Wayne.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Thankful to have had a visit from family this week.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: We are thankful to be back home worshiping with our family at DGCC. Thanks for the prayers and cards on behalf of Larry losing his sister.

Weekly Prayers: January 26, 2020

Tim & Angie Storms: Please pray for Cor Japin. He is an atheist, but is asking for prayers so he can get his family back. Please pray he comes to believe in and know God.

Jim & Alyson Klein: Jimís cousinís baby (Nina Moulton) was born at 28 weeks. Pray for her health and for her parents.

Nolan & Emily Moore: Emily found out that she is miraculously pregnant. It is an anxious time due to her previous pregnancy history. Please pray for a calm spirit and smooth first doctorís appointment on Jan. 27.

Mikayla Moore: Please pray that we will be able to buy a house close to Twin Lakes.

Brylie Moore: Thank you, God, for the snow!

Floyd & Dee Shaver: We will be traveling for the next week and would appreciate prayers for safe travels. See you all in April. Also, prayers for Glenn & Judie.

Bob Brown: Please pray for Sharon Brossman. She needs prayers for healing of her heart and encephalitis.

Rick & Shelia Bucher: Please pray for Michelle. She is having surgery. She is frightened and has a lot of stress. Please keep praying for Travis to find the right job. Prayers that God will direct his path and show him Godís will for him and his family. Continue to pray for Chris to follow Godís plan for his life. Pray the he can stay off drugs. Praise God for his success so far.

Margie Waddell: Pray for Glenn & Judie Sanborn. Prayers that the doctors have extra wisdom to perform his surgery and a speedy recovery. Prayers for Robin Webber to endure her knee accident.

Misty Stemmene: My friend, Kathy and family needs our prayers. Her nephew is not doing well. God bless.

Corrie Sande: Please continue to keep Heathís co-worker Adam and his family in your prayers. Heathís grandpaís cancer has metastasized. They will be doing palliative care. Skylur, 15 years-old, from CDA church is in the hospital with two blood clots in his brain. We will be out of town. Pray for our safe travels.

Bob Clark: Please pray for Irene. She is in much pain.

Mark & Kim Borsheim: Adam arrived safely back at school in Grenada. Please pray for him, his health spiritually and physically, school and safety. Thank you.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Please pray for Godís peace and His direction for us. Prayers for the perfect person to help us with child care for Faith.

Jim & Judy Lundy: Prayers for Jim. He will be having knee replacement surgery, Monday, Jan 27.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please continue to pray that Glenn has a safe & successful surgery. Pray for safety for Floyd & Dee as they travel to Texas. Pray for Robin Webber. She broke her knee.

David & Linda Bruner: Please pray for the Lucas & Aske families. Andrew Lucas (a former student) was killed in a car accident and Tytus Aske is in critical condition.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Pray for Glennís upcoming surgery. Robin Webber has injured her knee, pray for healing!

Carrie Forbush: Prayers for my grandbaby boy, Levi, due in mid-April. Pray for his spine to be developing perfectly and that he will not have spina-bifida.

Dwayne & Bessey Campbell: Pray that Jesse will continue to be successful at boot camp and that he will continue to be Godís light to his peers.

David & Angela Gutierrez: Please pray for Angelaís travel to Germany. Keep our children in you prayers for health.

Church office: Please pray for Claudia Moberg and family. Her brother passed away after a long illness.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Shelia Bucher: Thankful for the Dupey family. Continue to pray for Dan & Teri as they grieve the loss of Margie.

Dale & Anne Moore: Thank you to all for the many prayers!

Dan & Teri Dupey: Thanks for all your encouragement and attendance for our momís memorial. (Margie Dupey). It was very nice.

Weekly Prayers: January 19, 2020

Claudia Moberg: Thank you for the prayers for Aiden Smith. (He is 13 years-old) He doesnít have cancer. He does have a some kind of infection, and is having to learn how to walk again.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: We are traveling to California to attend Larryís sisterís funeral. Prayers for safety & some business we need to take care of.

Angela Gutierrez: Please pray for Davidís health. Travel prayers for Larry & Sylvia.

Heath Sande: Please keep Adam in your prayers as he continues to fight. Keep my grandpa in your prayers as we learn more about his lung cancer. Thank you for all your prayers.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for healing for those with serious illnesses.

Marissa Goodwin: My great grandmother, Christina Niva, is in the ER with low hemoglobin. Please keep her in your prayers.

Jim & Alyson Klein: Our sister, Corrine Agnew, at the 4th street church has a baby with shoulder dystocia and isnít doing well. They need our prayers.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please keep our son, Jeffery in your prayers, as he will deploy next week!

Bob Clark: Please pray for Irene. She is having problems with stomach pain. We donít know why.

Brad Roberts: A prayer request for my friend, Leon Vanette. He is having very serious problems following surgery.

Jean & Larry Grow: Please pray for comfort and strength for Larry. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Pray for good results from a biopsy, Jan 28.

Brian Boulton: Please pray for my recovery from surgery this last Tuesday.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

AJ Stemmene: Praise the Lord for another year. Thanksgivings for all family and those that visit! God Bless.

Rick & Shelia Bucher: Thankful for the Lordís kingdom here at Dalton. It is a blessing to serve. Thankful for prayers for my family.

Bri Durbin: Prayers for a blessed year filled with accomplishments.

Weekly Prayers: January 12, 2020

Marsha Becker: I pray for a more peaceful, loving & caring world for our children and grandchildren.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers and thoughts for all who have lost loved ones. Merry Christmas and prayers for a brighter 2020!

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: We have a giant decision to make that will affect our lives greatly. Please pray for Godís will to be done in our lives and a clear direction for our family.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Pray that we get over this lingering illness soon. Please pray for our Christian School and for the teachers to stay well.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Pray for the students going back to school and Grantís scout leader. Be with our friend, John Flaherty to comfort him in the passing of his mom.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Continue to pray for Glenn Sanborn with his issues.

Heath Sande: Please keep our family in your prayers. My grandfather has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Paul & Katrina Swaim: Continue to keep the Sheltonís in prayer as they put down roots in their new home. Please pray for Daniel & Amber Lufiyele as they search for jobs.

Bonnie Boulton: Pray for my son, Brian. He is in the stage of kidney failure.

Scott Rouse: Prayers for Karmen. She is struggling with chronic pain. Also prayers for Floyd Shaver and Glenn Sanborn.

Richard & Becky Essary: Pray for Rod Bristol as he mourns our beloved Phyllis. Continue to pray for Carole Fredrikson for healing and relief of pain. Prayers for Glenn Sanborn for his upcoming surgery and Irene Clark for comfort.

Shirley Deitz: Pray for my sister, Alvira in Texas. She has heart problems. Prayers for my granddaughter, Tiffany. She is having surgery to remove a tumor.

John & Beth Cope: Please pray for a safe trip to South Carolina to visit our daughter and granddaughter.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Prayers for Larry & Sandy Priddy. They will be traveling to California. Prayers that they will find suitable accommodations for Sandyís mom and sister. Pray for Glenn Sanbornís upcoming bypass surgery.

Heath Sande: Please pray for my co-worker. Her son, Aaron committed suicide. Another of his co-workers, Adam Brown was involved in a bad accident. He is in very serious condition.

Jim & Judy Lundy: Please pray for Jim. He has cataract surgery coming up.

Paul Welter: Pray for the health of my entire family.

Misty Stemmene: Please pray for Ryan that we can find out what is going on with his leg and hip. God bless everyone.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Kayne Brooks: Thank you for your prayers!

Floyd & Dee Shaver: Thank you all for your prayers and cards. It is good to be back with our church family.

Anita Poland: God bless our New Year!

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Thanksgiving! Our youngest son was married over the holidays.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Lisa and I want to thank the church for praying for us, and thank God for all his blessings.

Rod Bristol: Thank you church for the shower of Godís love!

Weekly Prayers: January 5, 2020

Mike & Cindy Wood: Pray for Zoeís teacher, Mr. Reed. His stepfather is in his final days. Be with Rod Bristol and family during this time.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for the health of Tucker Forbushís unborn child.

Richard & Becky Essary: Rusty Roden, an elder at Riverside church of Christ will be undergoing radical surgery for prostate cancer. Pray for the injured families who lost loved ones in a plane crash in Lafayette, LA.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please pray for my brother, Jeff Brown. He is not well. Craig and I will be traveling in January so we would appreciate your prayers.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for a healing across this nation and the world. To heal the hate and separation.

Claudia Moberg: Please pray for Aiden Smith. He is a teenager with a mass on his back and kidney, possibly cancer.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Blessed be the name of the Lord. Please pray for Rod and his family. Pray for healing and peace for Betty Evans. Please pray for Glennís recovery from a heart procedure.

Jim & Judy Lundy: Please pray for a safe trip home for Brenda and Jesse Harlan from Alabama.

Tim & Angie Storms: Our friend, Whitney Gross is in the hospital. Please pray for her recovery from multiple surgeries.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for Glenn Sanbornís surgery this week. Thankful for Kurt Roush stepping up to lead singing.

Gene Gerard: Please pray for the faith of my children.

Kayne Brooks: Please pray for my brother and sister to find their way back to God. Help them through their struggles.

John & Beth Cope: Prayers for our niece, Colby, who doesnít believe and is having trouble in her life because of it.

Bonnie Boulton: Please pray for my 18-year-old granddaughter, Kami in a Montana hospital. She has been there a week with appendix complications and other ailments.

Ruby Rude: Pray for the Hilliard family of Abilene, TX with the passing of Glenda Hilliard, Valerieís mother in-law.

Evan Storms: Please pray for the Shelton family to create new opportunities and have a great time in Texas.

Nolan & Emily Moore: Emily has reconciled with her father. Prayers for God to work in that relationship. Thank you to everyone who helped with our Family Promise host week.

Steven Adams: Barbara Delaney of the Three Forks, Montana church of Christ requests prayers for her friend, Linda who is 80 years young and was diagnosed with bone cancer.

John & Marci Nelson: Praise God for our church family. Please continue to pray for our family to seek Godís will in our lives.

Heath Sande: Please continue to pray for Godís wisdom and strength to light our way.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Keep Tom Chaney in your prayers as he seeks guidance. Also, remember in prayer Betty Evans, Rod Bristol, the Dupey family, & Irene Clark. Pray for those battling the flu and viruses going around.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Sandra Welch: May all Godís people go into the New Year as lights to brighten up a dark world.

Peter & Lynda Vichi: Thanks to our Father. The bladder tumor was cancer but does not require treatment, being non-invasive.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Thank you for the cards, prayers, and encouragement in the loss of our dear mother, friend, and grandmother, Margie Dupey.

David & Angela Gutierrez: Wishing our church family a very happy New Year in 2020. Thank you for a successful surgery for our daughter.

Dwayne & Bessey Campbell: Praise God, Jesse is doing well in boot camp. Please continue to pray for him.

Haydyn Priddy: I enjoyed being here. I will miss you all.

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