Prayer Requests
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We believe in the power of prayer...

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens
church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email.
Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another.  Please pray for these requests
and give God the glory.

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Weekly Prayers: December 17

Nolan & Emily Moore: Please pray for safe travels as we visit family the second half of December. Also that Emily will find comfort as she faces grief with her parents about her sister, who died 11 years ago.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please keep Dan in your prayers, he has a bug. Also, pray for Rose as she is moving to her own apartment this month.

Heath Sande: Please keep Corrie in your prayers as she is currently sick.

Doran & Alisa Linder: Please pray for Alisa, she has had some health issues including some dizziness that interferes with life.

Nicole Rudebaugh: (Hengge’s granddaughter) Please pray for my cold to get better.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: When God answers prayer we better be ready for action! Our house is in escrow and we have to be out by Dec. 29th. Please continue to pray everything goes smoothly. We are so blessed.

Bonnie Boulton: I will be gone for 3 months, January– March. I will be traveling to my son Miles’ home. Please pray for safe travels.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Pray for healing between neighbors on our private road. Praise God for his promises and faithfulness.

Paul & Patty Welter: Prayer for Paul’s upcoming surgery and for my mother and also for Pearl’s other grandmother, Connie; her cancer may be back she is waiting on more tests. Thank you.

Ty Judd: Please continue to pray for my mother, Carole.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Our house in Ohio is back on the market. Please be praying for God’s will.

Betty Rude: Please keep me in your prayers as I leave this week to go to Arizona until spring.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for God to bring a gentle rain to southern California to put out the fires.

Chris & Brenda Harlan: Chris will be flying to Oklahoma on Tuesday and back on Friday night. Michael and Mylea will fly home on Thursday. Pray for safe travel.

Mike Wood: Please pray for my co-worker, Kirk; he lost his wife last week from complications from a stroke.

AJ Stemmene: Please pray for my nephew, Justin Monette he needs to find his way back to the Lord and to his family.

Church office: Please remember, Caroline Hansen in your prayers. Also, she would really appreciate visitors, she is at Life Care, CDA—room #214

Thanksgiving & Blessings

AJ Stemmene: Thank you for your prayers in the passing of my sister and for all the love, God bless you.

Jim Lundy: Thanksgiving for healing; pray for safety as we travel.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Thank you God, that Scott & Karmen’s house sold!

Georgia Bucher: Thank you God for the sun and the moon.

Brylie Moore: Have a good week!

Freda Campbell: Thank you for your support for Family Promise.

Anita Poland: I love you all!

Haydyn Priddy: Thank you for praying for my mom, Heather Priddy, to go to church, she might be coming Christmas weekend.

Brad & Kathy Roberts: Kathy was in a car wreck last (Tuesday) night. She was hit hard from behind and forced into the car in front of her. We are praising God that she was not hurt, other than a few cuts and bruises.

Weekly Prayers: December 10

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for my mom, Heather Priddy, that she will start coming to church.

Marjorie Dupey: Please keep me in your prayers; I have gout again in my right foot.

Jim Lundy: Please pray for my continued healing from hip replacement surgery.

Claudia Moberg: Please pray for Caroline Hansen, she is at Life Care in Coeur d’Alene, her family is worried about her.

AJ Stemmene: My sister, Jane passed away this week. Please pray for our family at this difficult time. Bless you!

Ty Judd: Please continue to pray for my mother.

Robert & Robin Webber: We need prayers for our house. We got served with a letter saying we need to vacate in 15 days. We own our home, but the previous owners want to take possession. They claim they still own it. We paid for it in full, 6 years ago.

Mike & Michelle Taylor: Please pray for Mike’s mom, Julie. She has been in and out of the hospital and has been having a hard time with her health.

Becky Essary: Please pray for healing of the leg pain I have been experiencing.

Paul & Patty Welter: Please pray for an opening in the outpatient surgery schedule for Paul before January.

Teresa Colton: (Alisa Linder’s sister) Our son has scleroderma that has almost killed him. He is in his early 40’s and faces many horrible problems; such as inability to use his hands and organ failure. This is a very rare form of the disease. He needs continuous prayer to fight this disease.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for the changes in our situation with Rose that they will be positive and the paperwork will go smoothly.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Praise God! My mother, Betty Evans is home from the hospital and feeling better!

Betty Rude: Thank you for your prayers while I was gone, It’s a hard time for me so really appreciate your prayers.

Dean Lindell: Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to keep us and Toby’s family in your prayers.

Paul & Katrina Swaim: Praise God! We are all well! Thank you for your prayers for Paul’s health!

Tracie Blocker: Thank you for your children helping children questions this morning, very sweet and informative for children.

Ron Valente: Thank you for all the love and kindness. God Bless All.

AJ Stemmene: Thanks to the Lord for those who take such good care of me—you know, as a reminder, that we take a little closer walk with Jesus.

Nolan & Emily Moore: Thanks for your prayers and being a wonderful church family. Brylie is 10 years old today! Please pray for her as she becomes a young woman.

Floyd & Dee Shaver: We are grateful to be home and happy for a safe trip.

Weekly Prayers: December 3

Erin Roush: Please pray for my friend Diana. She is going through a difficult time and living out of her car.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Continued prayers for Ryleigh Wood, who is 7 years old and suffering with a brain tumor.

Dave Hopkins: Having a difficult time this time of year.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: We ask for prayers for peace in our family and guidance regarding our adoption.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Prayers for travelers. Prayers for BLESS our neighbors. Prayers for my mother Carol Ponder, she is so physically weak.

Ty & Kim Judd: Continued prayers for my mother.

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for my family to stay healthy, they’re starting to get sick.

Brylie Moore: Please pray for my visit to Hayfork, California, that I will have a good time and to see a lot of family.

David & Angela Gutierrez: On Thanksgiving day, my dear friend Carol Post passed away due to cancer. A quick passing after 4 1/2 years of fighting. Please pray for peace for her family and my family.

Beth Brooks: Please pray for my mother-in-law, Lillian Brooks, she is 98-years-old and has the beginnings of dementia, as well as pain in her hips and legs.

Jim & Judy Lundy: Pray for healing for us and pray for our daughter, Lori, to heal quickly from knee surgery.

Nolan & Emily Moore: Please pray for wisdom as we help our girls learn to love one another.

Scott & Lynelle Dehlbom: Micaela is due December 13th. Prayers for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

David Bruner: Shirley Dietz's brother (Arrty Clemetson) died last week. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Rick & Shelia Bucher: Please pray for our grandson, Jonah, as he recovers from surgery.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Sally Archer: Thanks for your cards and prayers concerning my recent sinus surgery.

Walter & Judy Brooks: We are so very thankful to have so many of our family join us for thanksgiving dinner. We are so thankful that Jesus was and is with us.

Anita Poland: I feel so thankful.

Nolan & Emily Moore: We’re thankful for blessings, continued provisions from God, and our small group! We enjoy our weekly time together.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Thank you all for your constant prayers! We thank God for the blessing of our wonderful neighbors!

Craig & Debbie Hengge: I’m so thankful for my family at Dalton Gardens.

Health Sande: Thanks be to God for the family that I have.

Rick & Shelia Bucher: Thankful for people at this church. It is a blessing to be a part of this ministry of God. Thank you for your love.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Welcome home Slates! Thank you for God’s grace and mercy! We are blessed.

Brad & Kathy Roberts: Thankful for family, friends, and everything we’ve been blessed with.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Happy to be home and thankful our two granddaughters are here with us today. Praise God!

Bruce & Dorean Blackketter: Blessings to be in CDA for the holidays.

Scott & Ronda Deane: Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful church family and our many blessings!

Weekly Prayers: November 26

Jack & Tabby Cutler: Tabby’s sister, Vandy, is in the hospital with a kidney stone, prayers for the procedure to be successful.

John & Rebecca Gwinup: Pray that the WEI mission effort will be successful here at Dalton Gardens church.

Ty Judd: Please continue to pray for my mother, Carole. She is still not adjusting well to life without my dad.

Paul & Patty Welter: Please keep praying for my mom, prayers for holiday travel, and pray for upcoming shoulder replacement surgery for Paul in January.

Brylie Moore: I would like for you to pray over me because my shoulders are hurting a lot and for my anger issues.

Mark Milburn: Please pray for Janet, she has a cold.

Bob & Irene Clark: Please pray for Irene, she continues to struggle with memory lapses.

Chris & Nichole Rouse: Please pray for my dad, Carroll Taylor. He has a cancerous spot on his ear and is having radiation treatments.

Heath Sande: Please continue to keep my dad in your prayers as well as Corrie who will be traveling today.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please keep Sally in prayer as she heals from sinus surgery. Continued healing for Jim & Judy Lundy.

Suzy McHughes: Please keep my husband, Kelsey, in your prayers, he is going long haul with his truck driving.

Darcy & Andy Ponder: Pray for safe travels this Thanksgiving holidays. Continue to pray for BLESS your neighbor.

Jim & Alyson Klein: Pray for all who are sick.

Paul & Katrina Swaim: Paul is sick. Please pray for healing and that the rest of us don’t catch it!

Marjorie Dupey: Pray for those traveling for the holidays and those that are sick.

Blessings & Thanksgiving

Pete & Mary Petersen: Please remember, Sally, in your prayers as she recovers from surgery. Also all the travelers.Paul & Katrina Swaim: Paul is sick. Please pray for healing and that the rest of us don’t catch it!

Marjorie Dupey: Pray for those traveling for the holidays and those that are sick.

Pete & Mary Petersen: Please remember, Sally, in your prayers as she recovers from surgery. Also all the travelers.

Weekly Prayers: November 19

Shelia Bucher: Please pray for my grandson, Jonah; he had surgery Monday, also pray for strength for his parents.

Betty Rude: Please keep me in your prayers as I travel this week to our daughter, Becky & son-in-law Bill, in Tulsa, OK. I will fly back on November 28.

Ray & Sylvia Rayburn: Please pray that Sylvia will soon be over her cold.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please pray for our friend, Deb Mosley as she morns the loss of her husband, Jim.

Lily Klein: Please pray for mom to feel better, she is sick.

Michelle Taylor: Mike and Evelyn are ill. Pray it passes quickly, and the rest of our family stays healthy.

Sally Archer: I am scheduled to have sinus surgery, Friday—outpatient. Pray for my daughter as she flies up to be with me and prayers for my doctor.

Claudia Moberg: My cousin Debbie K. passed away. Thank you for all your prayers. Please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you.

Harold & Trisha Schultz: Harold’s sister, Diane has asked Harold about Baptism. I pray that we will be able to help her learn and understand God’s Word. The family has many differing views regarding Baptism. I pray she will learn and obey God’s Will.

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for my Mom, Heather Priddy, she fell on the ice and hurt her back.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Please pray for Mike, he has surgery scheduled for the 20th.

Church office: Please pray for the family of Kay Acosta, a past member, they are still dealing with her passing last August.

Jerry Welch: Please pray for my recovery from cataract surgery on November 20th. Pray that the results will be positive and lasting.

Richard & Becky Essary: Pray for Deb Hotard as she seeks a skilled surgeon to remove her parathyroid tumor.

Mike & Yvie Swaim: Prayers for Yvie’s daughter, Wendy Jackson, for her gall bladder surgery to go well.

Brad & Kathy Roberts: Please pray for safe travels for us, we are in Oregon until Friday. Thanks.

Chris & Brenda Harlan: Jim’s surgery went very well, please keep praying for a full recovery and patience for all of us while we work toward it.

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for my Mom, Heather Priddy, she fell on the ice and hurt her back.

Church office: Please pray for the family of Susan & Warren Grogen, they were in a car accident in Arkansas, Warren passed away and Susan is in critical condition.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Betty Williams: I'm so thankful for the success of all three eye surgeries I've had over the last few months. If you haven't seen me much lately, one reason is that I haven't been able to be out much and my eyes looked like I had been in a fight and lost.  The last remaining stitches were removed this week and I hope to be back to "normal" soon.

Lynelle Dehlbom: Thanks for answered prayers.

Ron Valente: God bless this church family. Thank you, I love this family!

Dean & Shirley Lindell: We thank everyone for your prayers and blessing. We thank you for being our family in Christ.

Don Viola & Lindsey Vigil: (Repeat visitors from Montana) Thank you for your great work & service here!! God Bless!

Thank you Bill Roush for cleaning the carpeting; our building looks fantastic!!

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