Prayer Requests
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We believe in the power of prayer...

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens
church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email.
Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another.  Please pray for these requests
and give God the glory.

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Weekly Prayers: November 11

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Prayers for Myrtle. She has to have surgery. Bless Bob Brown with peace, strength, hope and joy. Prayers for Bill Andrews and Kathy Roberts. Also Toby & Lisa in their journey to adopt.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for our country as we move into Tuesday's election and that all Americans accept the outcome and move forward together.

Robert & Robin Webber: Prayers for Bob Brown and Kathy Roberts.

Cindy Wood: Comfort and strength for Toby & Lisa as they seek to grow their family.

Ray & Sylvia Rayburn: Please remember Sylvia in your prayers.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Prayers for Toby & Lisa’s adoption. Bob Brown as he grieves and his health. So thankful to see Carole Fredrikson with us.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for healing, of illness & disease.

Scott Rouse: Prayers for Bob Brown.

Dale Herboldt: We have a Griefshare class member, Lisa, requesting your prayers for her health. Please pray for a good outcome from her tests.

Marci Nelson: Thank you for your prayers for our family. Please continue to pray for us to seek God’s will in our lives.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Prayers for Bob Brown and Kathy Roberts and Irene Clark.

Dale Herboldt: Pray for Diane, she is recovering from a fall and abdominal bleeding. She is home from Sacred Heart and is on the mend.

Doran & Alisa Linder: Please pray for our nephew, Guss. He is a self-employed mechanic. He had a motorcycle accident breaking his ribs and had lung surgery.

Marjorie Dupey: It is so good to see Rod & Phyllis home from traveling. Please pray for the sick with cancer and other illnesses.

David & Linda Bruner: Keep Kathy Roberts and Bob Brown in your prayers as they experience health struggles.

John & Rebecca Gwinup: Our niece, Regina Hugemier had cancer surgery Nov. 8 in Springfield, MO. Please pray for her.

Brylie Moore: Please pray for me to do well in my show; “My Son Pinocchio”!

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Shirley Swaim: Praise God! The Bristol's are home safely from their trips and that Carole Fredrikson’s surgery went so well.

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Praise the Lord!

Paul & Patty Welter: Prayers are appreciated, thank you!

Claudia Moberg: Thanks for your prayers. Don is cancer free for another year. May God bless you all.

AJ Stemmene: Praise the Lord and if you don’t know Him, Please have a little talk with Him! It would do a world of good for you.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Thanksgiving for Carole Fredrikson’s successful surgery. Prayers for her recovery.

Nolan & Emily Moore: So thankful for our church family and their prayers through difficult life stuff. Please keep praying over our family for peace and God’s provision.

Michael Lewis: I’m thankful for the generosity of this church family. May God bless those who struggle during the holiday season.

Weekly Prayers: November 4

Betty Rude: Continued prayers for 6 year-old, Easton and his parents as he starts his next round of chemo. Prayers for safety for Jim and James as they are in Florida helping with reconstructing homes and touching lives for the Lord.

Alisa Linder: Please pray for my sister-in-law, Ann. Her mother passed away last week. She is heartbroken.

Heath Sande: Corrie and Makena will be traveling Wednesday - Monday to Louisville, Kentucky for a national horse competition. Keep them in your prayers.

Les Biby: Pray for Bob Brown.

AJ Stemmene: Pray for our country and those that want to think that they are running it!!

Steven Adams: Please pray for my “baby” brother who is scheduled in November for the doctors to stop, and then restart his heart. He is scared.

Kent & Georgette: Please pray for our granddaughter, Ashlee that God will strengthen her in Christ.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: So thankful for Carole Fredrikson’s successful surgery! Continued prayers for Bob Brown. Also prayers for Toby & Lisa and their baby girl to develop well before her birth.

Richard & Becky Essary: Prayers and thanks for a successful surgery for Carole Fredrikson and prayers for a full recovery.

Chris & Nicole Rouse: We would like to ask for prayers on the selling of Nichole’s house in Oklahoma. Please pray that it sells quickly and relieve us of the extra financial burden.

Ron & Myrtle McIntire: No cancer was found on Myrtle’s scan, but they did find that she has spinal stenosis in her neck and now has to see a neurosurgeon. Prayers please.

Bob Clark: Please pray for Irene she is struggling with her health and strength.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Please pray for our baby girl, her birth mom, Rachael and for this adoption to go smoothly.

Patty & Paul Welter: Please pray for our family as we work on communication and family relationships.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Continue to pray for Bob and his entire extended family in their time of grief.

Debra Rycraft: Pray for my brother, Robert. He is in prison.

Kathy Roberts: Thank you for all the prayers for my cancer. I am being referred to a specialist next week so continued prayers are appreciated.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Pray for Joseph’s family (Mike’s co-worker) for housing/sheltering options.

Debbie Hengge: So thankful for Carole’s successful surgery. Prayers for Bob Brown, Kathy Roberts, Lisa & Toby’s baby.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Prayers for all who are battling cancer and their families. We thank God for this loving church family.

Dan Dupey: Please pray for Bob & his family and for Carole’s recovery. And for a grandparent in the school that needs prayers for a son in prison.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Rod & Pam Neill: We are truly blessed by this church. Thank you all for the love you shared with our mom, Louise Brown.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: We are thankful for Carole’s successful surgery. Thank you, Lord. Bless Bob Brown with healing of his heart and body. God is so Good.

Cindy Rose: My blessing is meeting Georgette Rude. I’m very thankful for her kindness and understanding.

Misty Lee Stemmene: God bless everyone! I hope everyone has a good week.

Howard & Delvona Rude: We want to thank the church and all the ones that put on a wonderful lunch in remembrance of my sister “Hazel Louise Brown”.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Praise God! Baby girl’s heart is perfect and she looks to be in great health! Thank you all for your prayers!

Bob Brown: Thanks for all the prayers and support for Louise and I. I love you all! It’s wonderful to have such a family.

Merit Shelton: I am blessed to help Shelia Bucher with her CCS class. It’s also a blessing that Shelia's voice is getting better.

Meshell Missler: Thank you for supporting CCS we love having a school that does Bible class!

Carole & Keith Fredrikson: Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Carole’s surgery was a success!

Weekly Prayers: October 28

Marjorie Dupey: Pray for those with illness and cancer. Also pray for my great grandson. He’ll have a brain scan, Nov 22.

Sarah Gwinup: Please pray that we have a safe trip to D. C. in a few days.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for our country, that we would have the wisdom to elect people this fall that will lead us down the path of one nation under God!

Les & Nancy Biby: Prayers for Kathy Roberts.

Myrtle McIntire: I am having my next scan, Tuesday. Pray for good results.

Shelia Bucher: Pray for my daughter and my mom for God’s will and healing. Pray for my friend’s the Blanks family. That God would heal them.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Please continue to pray for Joseph’s family. He is Mike’s co-worker. Their family of 10 is being evicted due to a family conflict.

Ty & Kim Judd: Please pray for Melanie Rhinehart, a good friend of ours, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for her healing and peace for her family as they support her.

David & Angela Gutierrez: Please pray for Carole, Bob & Lisa as they navigate, health, calm & comfort.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Praying for the hurting, Dee & Floyd, Larry & Sandy, Kathy Roberts, and Bob Brown. Love one another!

Lindsay Rude: Asking for prayers that my parents and I can re-connect and that I find comfort and resolution in our differences.

Robert & Robin Webber: Prayers for Kathy Roberts.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Pray for Bob Brown, Kathy & Brad Roberts, Carole & Keith Fredrikson, Bill & Laura Andrews. All who are battling serious illnesses.

Stephanie Evans: Please pray for my sister-in-law, Cathy Brock; as she recovers from cancer surgery.

John & Rebecca Gwinup: Safe travel for Jeff & Jinie and Sarah as they travel to D.C. this week.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: Our birth mom, Rachael has an appointment with a specialist this week. Please pray that our baby girl’s heart and health will be perfect.

Cindy Rose: Please pray for my niece. She is suffering from some anger issues and for her salvation. Pray for healing for my sister, Nancy. Please also pray for my family to have heart & soul healing as my niece took her own life.

Emily Moore: Prayers for our family and God’s strength for a busy season in our lives right now.

Dan & Teri Dupey: We are praying for so many. Prayer, as we see in scripture is powerful. Pray for Dee, Bob Brown, Irene, Sylvia, Margie D, Anita and others.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for my neighbor, Gwen Hewitt. She lost her 72-year-old daughter. Gwen is 95 yrs. and very fragile.

Anita Poland: “I’m Baaack” Love U All! Pray for Bob Brown and Patty Welter’s mother, Connie.

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Please pray for our neighbor, Gloria Budget and Bob Brown for complete healing.

Larry & Sandy Priddy: Please pray for Sandy as she recovers from cataract surgery last Thursday.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Bill Roush: Thanks to the people who helped with the Highway Clean-Up day. The area looks great now. Praise the name of the Lord.

Margie Waddell: Thank you, Lord for all the precious young women in this congregation.

Floyd & Dee Shaver: Thanks for all the prayers, cards & support. We appreciate and love all of you.

Dale Herboldt: What a blessing of encouragement it is to meet with Christians. I am much stronger in my faith because of you.

Emily Moore: Praise for Nolan’s successful hunt! He got a handsome 3-point. Also for our church family full of wisdom and encouragement.

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Thank you for all your love, prayers and cards. I can truly feel it. I have so much peace about my surgeries. Thanks be to our God and you.

Marjorie Dupey: Thank you for all the cards & prayers while I have been down with arthritis. It is much better.

David Brown: Thank you Dalton Gardens church for standing by my father during his FIGHT!

Shelia Bucher: God answers our prayers and gives us strength to go through difficult times.

Weekly Prayers: October 21

Dan & Teri Dupey: Praise God. Larry Millar’s heart surgery went well! Prayers for healing and allowing God to do his work. Please pray for Carole Fredrikson, Bob Brown, Patty Welter’s parents, Anita Poland, my mom (Margie), Sylvia Slate, Shelia’s mom, and so many others needing healing, encouragement, and comfort.

Judy Mueller: Please pray for my granddaughter, Amy Miller and her husband, Aaron. Aaron's sister just passed away from cancer.

Becky & Richard Essary: Pray for Carole & Keith Fredrikson during Carole’s upcoming surgery.

Robin Webber: Prayers for Bobby as he is getting better.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Prayers of strength and comfort for Floyd & Dee. A safe surgery for Carole and healing for Bob Brown.

Jim & Alyson Klein: Grace’s friend, Reese, had hip surgery & needs prayers for healing.

Charles & Vinita Buchanan: Please continue to pray for Anita Poland. She misses worship with her family in Christ.

Sarah Gwinup: Please pray that my dad can be off work on Sundays and Mondays, so we can spend more time together.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: We are flying to Kansas to meet our birth mom, Rachel, tomorrow and will be present for the sonogram to determine the gender on Tuesday morning! We pray for a safe trip and that the baby and birth mom are healthy.

Tony & Lindsay Rude: Please pray for our friend and his 1-year-old grandson.

David & Linda Bruner: My second cataract surgery is this Wednesday. Pray for success.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for our community service ministry to come closer to God.

Betty Rude: Prayers continue for Carole Fredrikson and Bob Brown. Pray for your peace and reliance on God.

Larry & Jean Grow: Prayers for Bob & Louise Brown; and all others battling cancer.

AJ Stemmene: Thank the Lord for the elder members among us to be able to learn from their wisdom and grace! Amen. Pray together!

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Pray for Bob Brown with cancer and Bill Andrews with health issues.

Jo Allen: Please pray for my sister-in-law who had a stroke this week in Tucson, Arizona.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for my sister, Sheri Poindexter. She will be having knee replacement surgery. Pray for those who have little that they may have all their needs met in this winter season.

Shelia Bucher: Please pray for my daughter, Michelle. The doctors will be doing surgery. Prayers for a good outcome.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Ron Valente: God Bless all. Thank you for all the love. I love this church family!

Charles & Vinita Buchanan: We are thankful that Wanda Wilson’s granddaughter is improving.

Bob & Irene Clark: We give thanks for Irene feeling better and for Bob’s continued work.

Bob & Louise Brown: Thanks for your prayers.

Scott Rouse: Praise God for blessing Toby & Lisa with positive progress in their adoption process!

Weekly Prayers: October 14

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Continue to keep Dee & Floyd Shaver and family in prayer as well as Carole Fredrikson as she prepares for surgery. So thankful for a congregation who knows and gives the gift of prayer.

Sarah Gwinup: Please pray that when I get a cat that it will be a good cat and likes to sit on my lap.

Anonymous: Pray for an end to the divisive political climate in our country.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for those in need going into this winter. Pray for their needs to be met and that we may bless those we come in contact with!

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for the people in Haiti, they got hit with another earthquake.

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for my Grammy's (Sandy Priddy) cataract surgery to go well.

Betty Rude: Prayers for our son, Jim while in North Carolina helping in all the damage. He also had surgery on Oct 10th on his arm. Please continue to pray for Floyd & Dee.

Les & Nancy Biby: Prayers for Ernie Turner. He has not felt well this week and is missing his church family.

Dan Dupey: Please pray for my mom, Margie and Teri.

Craig Hengge: Prayers for Deb. She battled shingles, then her back, now she has the flu. It’s been a rough three weeks!

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Continue to pray for Floyd & Dee in their loss.

Wanda Wilson: Please pray for my granddaughter, Jessie.

Andy & Darcy Ponder: Continued prayers for Floyd & Dee.

AJ Stemmene: Pray for all those struggling with questions and loss of loved ones and pray they would reach out.

Shelia Bucher: Please pray for my daughter, Michelle. They found a mass in her uterus. She had a biopsy to check for cancer. Pray for my health issues as well. Thank you.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Dee & Floyd—Strength, Peace, & Joy in the morning.

Marjorie Dupey: Please pray for Dee & Floyd and Sylvia Slate. Also prayers for all the ones with cancer or are sick.

Bob & Louise Brown: We ask for your prayers for Bob’s upcoming surgery for pancreatic cancer. It appears to have been caught early.

Angie Storms: My uncle, David Evans (Mom’s brother) passed away suddenly. Please keep his wife, Shirley and the rest of the family in your prayers.

Thangsgiving & Blessings

Doran & Alisa Linder: Alisa is feeling almost back to normal. Thank you for the cards and prayers.

Toby & Lisa Schindelbeck: We are so grateful to say that we are matched with a birth mom, Rachel, from Kansas. We continue to ask for prayers for her and the baby and us through this process. Also, Lisa’s test results came back healthy and wonderful! Praise God!

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Thank you for your prayers and concern. My first surgery in Seattle will be October 26 and the second December 7th.

Allen & Ginger Smith: When we visit this area we enjoy worshiping with the family in CDA!

Judy & Roberto Huelga: (Members at the Richland church of Christ) Just visiting the area for the first time. Very Pretty! We sure enjoyed worshiping with you!

Weekly Prayers: October 7

Haydyn Priddy: Please pray for Irene Clark. She has some new health issues.

Dan Dupey: Thank you for a great ladies day! Pray for Teri’s healing. Her surgery went well.

Bonnie Boulton: My sister, Violet in Denver is not well. Please pray.

Bob Clark: Pray for Irene. Her cancer is slowing down, but her kidneys & heart seem to be a current worry.

AJ Stemmene: Pray for and bless those battling cancer and those who have overcome cancer and their loved ones, our prayers are with you.

Walter & Judy Brooks: Pray for my son to find a house to purchase soon. We are so thankful for our church family.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Prayers for Robert Webber. He is very sick.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Please continue to pray for Joseph’s family.

Marjorie Dupey: Please pray for Dee Shaver, Teri Dupey, and Sylvia Slate, and also for those traveling.

Robin Webber: Please pray for Bobby. He is very sick.

Paul & Patty Welter: Prayers for a friend with heart issues. Also, pray for my mom who is battling many health problems.

Church office: Please keep Keith & Carole Fredrikson in your prayers as they travel and prayers for Carole’s health.

Teri Dupey: Please pray for my brother, Larry. He will be having heart surgery next Friday.

Church office: Please continue to pray for Dee & Floyd Shaver and family at the loss of their daughter, Andra.

Shelia Bucher: Pray for Teri Dupey to continue to recover from surgery. Also pray for Alisa Linder and Andrea Hunt.

Brad Roberts: Please pray for my sister, Marilyn that her departing may be easy, and that the Lord will receive her and comfort her in Paradise.

Thanksgiving & Blessings

Kim Borsheim: A special thank you goes out to Dan Dupey, Mark Borsheim, and Andrew Graves for all your help with our Ladies Fall Fellowship and the Ladies Rainbow Luncheon!

Jack & Tabby Cutler: Thank you everyone who lifted Anita Bowen up in prayer. She is done with treatments and the doctors are pleased with the results. Her cancer is in remission. God is Good.

Shelia Bucher: Thank you for an amazing Ladies Fall Fellowship weekend to uplift God in my life. Thankful God can still call upon me as his servant.

Kathryn Roberts: Thank you for all the prayers for my shoulder surgery. It’s doing great, just continuing to heal.

Floyd & Dee Shaver: Thank you all for the cards & prayers over the loss of our daughter, Andra.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Prayers of thanksgiving for the prayers, cards, and phone calls while I was sick.

Larry Slate: Thank you for all the prayers during Sylvia’s knee recovery.

Anita Poland: I have been so overwhelmed by the love and attention I have received. Thank you dear ones for the prayers and all you have done for me. You are truly a caring church and I love you all.

Church office: Thank you to Kim Borsheim and Georgette Rude for all of your hard work and another super successful and uplifting Ladies Fall Fellowship!

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